XApps Development

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Application Framework repo: git.webos-internals.org:x11/xapps.git

App names take the following form:

XApps-{X Application name}-{Chroot Distro Name}-{Distribution Revision Name} (capitalizing where appropriate)

ie: Xapps-XChat-Ubuntu-Natty

build directory names use same but no caps:

ie: xapps-xchat-ubuntu-natty

for inclusion into the webos-internals catalog as an XApp the appid should take the form:

org.webosinternals.xapp-{x11 appname}-{distro name}-{distro release}

that conforms to the distro name and release it is intended for.


git checkout git.webos-internals.org:x11/xapps.git

git checkout git.webos-internals.org:preware/build.git

copy Makefile to build/nonworking/.

cp ~/xapps/Makefile ~/build/nonworking/appname/Makefile

Modify Makefile with correct info and:

make package

install xecutah on target device.

modify /media/cryptofs/usr/palm/applications/org.webosinternals.xecuatah/app/assistants/main-assistant.js to include your appid in the whitelist

install your app on the device and test.