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WebOS Internals recommends using Ubuntu 9.10 32bit x86 server for the PDK.

If you are willing to support yourself and not ask WebOS Internals any questions, you may find the following instructions for Mandriva useful.

Installation on Mandriva Linux for WebOS PDK cross compiling

Note : All this installation was tested with Mandriva Linux 2010.0 and the root account.



Your Mandriva installation will need the following installed. If you do not have them, run the command after the package name. You can test if they are found by just typing the command name. If it says command not found, you need to install it.

With the root account :

git urpmi git-core urpmi git-prompt
gcc urpmi gcc
curl urpmi curl
unzip urpmi unzip
autoconf urpmi autoconf
subversion urpmi subversion
libtool urpmi libtool
wget urpmi wget
pkg-config urpmi pkgconfig
gettext urpmi gettext
fakeroot urpmi fakeroot
javac urpmi java-1.6.0-sun urpmi java-1.6.0-sun-devel
ant urpmi ant
xsltproc urpmi xsltproc
intltool urpmi intltool

Note: The make toolchain command and later steps will download approximately a half-gig of tools and sources from various locations. Do not start this if you do not have time for a large download. Additionally, if you already have downloaded a copy of the correct version of the WebOS doctor, you can reduce the download time by copying the doctor file into cross-compile/doctors/ with the correct name. This will cause the appropriate command to skip that download. Note that codesourcery rate limts downloads and at a minimum this process will take 10 to 15 minutes irrespective of your connection speed.

Start setup

Create a preware folder, copy the cross-compile tools into it (if you have not installed git, urpmi git-core), and use a make script to begin the set up of the compilation toolchain.

sudo mkdir -p /srv/preware
cd /srv/preware
sudo chmod 777 .
git clone git://git.webos-internals.org/preware/cross-compile.git
cd cross-compile
make toolchain

Setup Scratchbox

Because we need the command line /usr/bin/qemu-arm for Scratchbox, install the Qemu packages :

urpmi qemu
urpmi cyrus-sasl
urpmi qemu-img

The scratchbox2 .deb package is available for Ubuntu but not for Mandriva, we need to compile it :

cd /srv/
mkdir sb2
cd sb2 
wget http://cgit.freedesktop.org/sbox2/snapshot/sbox2-2.0.tar.gz
tar xzvf sbox2-2.0.tar.gz
cd sbox2-2.0

Because of the errors:

In file included from luaif/sb_log.c:49:                                                     
/srv/webos-cross-compiling/sb2/sbox2-2.0/preload/exported.h:505: erreur: conflicting types for ‘scandir’
/usr/include/dirent.h:252: note: previous declaration of ‘scandir’ was here                             
/srv/webos-cross-compiling/sb2/sbox2-2.0/preload/exported.h:521: erreur: conflicting types for ‘scandir64’
/usr/include/dirent.h:275: note: previous declaration of ‘scandir64’ was here                             
make[1]: *** [luaif/sb_log.o] Erreur 1 

There is a fix here

Edit the file preload/interface.master

Line 410, replace

SCANDIR_TYPE_ARG3, int(*compar)(const void *, const void *)) : \


SCANDIR_TYPE_ARG3, int(*compar)(const struct dirent **, const struct dirent **)) : \

Line 414, replace

WRAP: int scandir(const char *dirname, struct dirent ***namelist, int (*select)(struct dirent *), int (*compar)(const void *, const void *)): map(dirname)


WRAP: int scandir(const char *dirname, struct dirent ***namelist, int (*select)(struct dirent *), int (*compar)(const struct dirent **, const struct dirent **)): map(dirname) 

Line 420, replace

int(*compar)(const void *, const void *)) : \


int(*compar)(const struct dirent64 **, const struct dirent64 **)) : \

Now compile Sb2 :

make install prefix=/usr/local

After setup scratchbox, set it up for compiling for webOS.

cd /srv/preware/cross-compile/toolchain/arm-2007q3/arm-none-linux-gnueabi/libc
export PATH=/srv/preware/cross-compile/toolchain/arm-2007q3/bin:/usr/local/bin:${PATH} 
sb2-init -c /usr/bin/qemu-arm armv7 arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc
cd /srv/preware/cross-compile


make stage

Note: After launching "make stage", if you have the following error :

checking size of __int64... 0                                                                                                                                                                
configure: error:                                                                                                                                                                            
*** GLib requires a 64 bit type. You might want to consider                                                                                                                                  
*** using the GNU C compiler.                                                                                                                                                                
make[5]: *** [build/armv7.built] Error 1
make[5]: leaving the folder « /srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/glib-2.0 »
make[4]: *** [stage] Error 1                                                          
make[4]: leaving the folder « /srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/luna-sysmgr-ipc »
make[3]: *** [stage] Error 1                                                                 
make[3]: leaving the folder « /srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/libnapp »        
make[2]: *** [stage] Error 1                                                                 
make[2]: leaving the folder « /srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/dev-sdl/libsdl »        
make[1]: *** [stage] Error 1                                                                 
make[1]: leaving the folder « /srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/dev-sdl/libsdl-image »  
make: *** [staging-armv7] Error 2

Then relaunch the "make stage" command line :

make stage

Once this setup is complete, compiling sdl apps for webOS is very simple.