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after running make stage error has come out

Making install in src make[5]: Entering directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/libdotconf/build/armv6/src' /bin/sh ../libtool --tag=CC --mode=compile gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I.. -Wall -g -O2 -MT libdotconf_la-dotconf.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/libdotconf_la-dotconf.Tpo -c -o libdotconf_la-dotconf.lo `test -f 'dotconf.c' || echo './'`dotconf.c libtool: Version mismatch error. This is libtool 2.2.6b, but the libtool: definition of this LT_INIT comes from libtool 2.2.6. libtool: You should recreate aclocal.m4 with macros from libtool 2.2.6b libtool: and run autoconf again. make[5]: *** [libdotconf_la-dotconf.lo] Error 63 make[5]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/libdotconf/build/armv6/src' make[4]: *** [install-recursive] Error 1 make[4]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/libdotconf/build/armv6' make[3]: *** [build/armv6.built] Error 2 make[3]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile/packages/common/libdotconf' make[2]: *** [build_common/libdotconf] Error 2 make[2]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile' make[1]: *** [staging-armv6] Error 2 make[1]: Leaving directory `/srv/preware/cross-compile' make: *** [stage] Error 2

What do i need to do , i'm quite new at this