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Building Kismet for Touchpad

(Warning: This is very raw and I haven't even tried it twice to verify that it works. Some of these commands need sudo. Do everything at your own risk.)

First we checkout optware from NSLU2 (which includes a toolchain and build targets)

$ cd /srv
$ svn co optware

Then we need to set our target and setup our toolchain

$ cd optware; make cs08q1armel-target
$ cd cs08q1armel; make directories toolchain ipkg-utils

Now we need to set up the Kismet mk-file to point to a recent build of kismet

Open make/ with your favorite text editor.

Below are the changes I made, it needs to be cleaned up and probably unset KISMET_PATCHES instead of commenting things out. <source lang="diff"> 24c24,25 < KISMET_VERSION=2007-01-R1b --- > #KISMET_VERSION=2007-01-R1b > KISMET_VERSION=2011-03-R2 97c98,99 < kismet-source: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) $(KISMET_PATCHES) --- > #kismet-source: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) $(KISMET_PATCHES) > kismet-source: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) 117c119,120 < $(KISMET_BUILD_DIR)/.configured: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) $(KISMET_PATCHES) make/ --- > #$(KISMET_BUILD_DIR)/.configured: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) $(KISMET_PATCHES) make/ > $(KISMET_BUILD_DIR)/.configured: $(DL_DIR)/$(KISMET_SOURCE) make/ 121,124c124,127 < if test -n "$(KISMET_PATCHES)" ; \ < then cat $(KISMET_PATCHES) | \ < patch -d $(BUILD_DIR)/$(KISMET_DIR) -p1 ; \ < fi --- > # if test -n "$(KISMET_PATCHES)" ; \ > # then cat $(KISMET_PATCHES) | \ > # patch -d $(BUILD_DIR)/$(KISMET_DIR) -p1 ; \ > # fi 155c158 < $(MAKE) -C $(@D) LIBS=-lm --- > $(MAKE) -C $(@D) LIBS="-lm -ldl" </source>

Next we make kismet and create the ipk

$ cd /srv/optware/cs08q1armel
$ make kismet kismet-ipk

Now if everything went well you should have an ipk in your target build directory that can be installed using ipkg-opt.

Three things you'll probably run into:

  • First either curses or pcap will error out saying it couldn't create a file because of a bin directory not existing. You'll have to go into the staging directory and create that directory and run make again.
  • Second you might run into errors (undefined reference to `dlclose' while making kismet. Try LIBS="-lm -ldl" make kismet in that case. At worst you'll have to edit a kismet makefile but I don't believe I had to.
  • Third the config files may or may not actually get included in the ipk. If not copy those from builds/kismet/conf to /opt/etc/kismet on your device (and probably edit them to set gps to false)

Building Compat-Wireless for Touchpad

Coming soon?