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VirtualBox tips for Windows users

If you are running your Ubuntu server in a VirtualBox client on a Windows desktop host, there are a few tricks you should know.

If you run the various commands below from the ubuntu console in VirtualBox, you can not cut and paste into and out of the console. It is to your benefit then, to use PUTTY to control the VirtualBox console instead of running in it directly.

To reach your VirtualBox Ubuntu with Putty, you will need to do some set up steps.

  • From the ubuntu server console apt-get install openSSH-server
  • shut down the ubuntu server
  • In the VirtualBox manager, choose your ubuntu server and pick setup.
  • In setup choose the network adaptor 1, and change it's type from NAT to bridged.

Now, restart your ubuntu server and log into it from the regular console. At prompt after logging in, type ifconfig eth0 . The server will reply with the ip address of the virtualbox server.

Now, go to putty, and create a new login to your ubuntu server with that IP address, type ssh port 22.

Now, you can log into your server, and cut and paste commands and output, you can scroll back and see things that have scrolled off the screen etc. etc.

This is strongly advised.