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2011.02.23 - 11:39MST (UTC -0700): suburban_war here (go by the same on precentral/twitter). I just made this page, so please if you see this, look it over and correct any errors I might have made, and add any additional information you think would help make this process easier for users. Thanks!

2011.02.24 - 12:07CST: I am mostly clueless about this, but one thing I thought was missing was the appropriate script to use for a 'plussed' Pre. For example, if someone has a Pre Plus running on Sprint, courtesy of WebOSWorld, should they proceed as if they have a Sprint Pre? I think so, just not sure... (I post as notcalvin on precentral) (Also, FANTASTIC wiki page, thank you very much, you have clearly spent a lot of time on this page alone, not to mention getting 2.x working on legacy hardware...)

2011.02.24 - 23:33PST (UTC -0800): Just change the CUSTOM_MODEL_LIST to read the same model of the Pre Plus, so your device tokens match up. Like so: CUSTOM_MODEL_LIST=P101EWW

20:09, 25 February 2011 (UTC): The Verizon Mobile HotSpot and VZ Nav work fine for me, so they should be included. skype.. provides mixed results so I don't know what to say about that atm. (I have gotten both texts and calls to work, both ways, but.. the service usually crashes at some point. right now it's unusable actually.. i almost feel like it worked better with old firmware) directions: I did a manual install of all these packages by mounting / rw, ipkg install <pkgname>.ipk. (sorry i used the wrong date markup, i can't find the right one!) --Ajay

2011.03.07 - 14:13 CST (UTC -0700): You know, there is that whole 'Caveats' section, I think I'm just retarted... Please disregard all the rest of this whole comment... I think one section that the wiki is missing is what you are guaranteed to lose with the upgrade. For example, I'm not sure but I think 1) all text message history 2) popular patches like 4x4 icons, 3) browser book marks? 4) memos (if you have to delete your profile - these can be backed up by emailing them one at-a-time) 5) carriers specific apps like Sprint Nav (I see this in the doc already, but would be nice to have all downside consequences in one place), Sprint Tv, etc, 6) idk what else. I've never even doctor'd my phone (or meta doctored, etc) so I don't have a hunch what kind of thing is likely to be lost, and I'm not sure where to start looking for the information either... -notcalvin

Pengc99 05:50, 14 March 2011 (UTC): Does anyone have documentation to get the new WebOS 2.1 that's used in the US Pre2 on Pre+ or Pre-

March 15/2011 - 12:46am - the meta doctor works excellent on bell mobility pre-. However - a few things to note, prl update - disappears from phone preferences, doesn't seem to be a way to update this currently, if you have dial up - don't even bother with meta-doctor process unless you can download the webosdoctors as needed and put them in your cygwin computer folder - also files need to be renamed in order for meta-doctor to process them otherwise it starts downloading like they aren't even there. I haven't been able to add flash to my bellmobility pre- I did try following the steps on this page - no luck. CanuckslovePalm

This absolutely rocks!

I have a Palm Pre Plus on Verizon that I just updated from 1.4.5 to 2.1 without a hitch. I just followed the wiki instructions to install Preware, WebosQuickInstall, WebosDoctor, Java6-24 Ubuntu 10.10, WebosSDK, and Meta-Doctor on a Windows XP computer. I had to run a slight variation on the Java install for Ubuntu for Maverick, but I just followed your directions. It worked exactly like you said, my phone updated to HP webos 2.1.0, rebooted, and I lost nothing in the translation. It works fantastic as if it came from Verizon that way. Thanks so much for your work on this, I made a donation! -Blanehook

THIS UPGRADE IS GREAT! Thank you for creating the upgrade to WebOS 2.1. I installed it on my Verizon Pre+ and it worked without a hitch. Ran into some problems initially because I am running Windows 7 64-bit but I just decided to use my laptop with Ubuntu instead and everything went very smoothly! Between the WebOS 2.1 upgrade and uberkernal with Govnah, it's like I have a new phone! I was getting the itch to move to Android, but not now. Thanks so much. I made a donation as well. :-) -ClockerXP

I personally wouldn't recommend the 2.1 upgrade for Pre - users. I originally installed 2.1 on my Sprint Pre -. The install went smoothly. My Palm Profile upgraded without a hitch. I was able to access 2.0 apps, and after getting Preware and Uberkernel installed things seemed to be working pretty first. After some time, I started noticing choppy scrolling and app cards seemed to hang a lot more often. After reading through some of the forums, I found several users reporting memory leaks with 2.1. These leaks manifest themselves in the form of music not playing smoothly, cards hanging, and general system instability. I found that after a period of four to five hours, my swap memory would begin climbing and once it reached about 100 MB, the phone would have to be restarted in order for it to be usable. Then my son's Pre - running 1.4.5 died. So I bought a lightly used Verizon Pre + and performed a double comm board swap. My son's comm board is now in my old phone which is once again running 1.4.5 and doing quite well. My comm board is now at home in the Pre + phone and is running 2.1. I still find that if I use the phone heavily, it needs to be rebooted within 24 to 36 hours. However, I have not had any problems with music playback, and navigation through cards and menus is much smoother. I've been running this setup for almost a week now, and have had the phone lock up on me twice. This is a huge improvement over my experience with 2.1 on a Pre -. Bottom line is that HP was correct in not providing WebOS 2.x to legacy Pre - devices. The average consumer would have been totally frustrated with the experience. The extra 256MB of memory in the Pre + makes the phone capable of running 2.x but it still isn't quite as stable as 1.4.5. However, for that average tech geek like myself, running 2.x on a Pre + (on the Sprint network) is more than worth the time and money that I've invested. - Dsprado