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I hated the zoom-in / zoom-out feature of the Sudoku game, so here simple fix to make it so there is no zooming. Instead you just click on the square and click the number to be in that square.


1. Standard stuff (accessing linux, make system read/write, making a backup, etc)

2. Open /var/usr/palm/applications/com.cakefight.sudoku/app/assistants/first-assistant.js and comment out the following line:

* 67 - line that starts with: Mojo.listen(this.controller.get('sudokuscroller')...

3. Standard finish stuff (save it, put system back into read-only, etc)

No need to reboot. The game will now just put the focus in whatever square you clicked, instead of having to click once to zoom in, and a second time to pick the square and zoom out. Other than that, it works just the same.



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