Patch Email Change "Running Late" Message

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If you have a calendar notification of a meeting, it will give you the option to email all attendees with the text "Running late, on my way..." However I work in a professional environment and this is a little casual, so I would like to change it.

mount -o remount rw, /
cd /usr/palm/applications/
cp reminder-assistant.js reminder-assistant.js.bak
vi reminder-assistant.js

Go to Line 205 (WebOS 1.1) and change the text "Running late, on my way..." to whatever you want.

Or, if you want to disable this button entirely, you can change Line 204 (WebOS 1.1)

if (this.reminder.attendees.length > 0) {


if (1 == 0) {

to force the attendee list test to always be false.

save and quit