Hardware issues

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Hardware Issues

  • Headphone jack - This seems to be a very cheap jack. Very frequently when using it and you unplug the headphone input, the phone does not register it as doing so. You have to plug and unplug the headphone jack about a million times before it will register as not being used anymore. I am using a June 06 Pre (Model: P100EWW Hardware Version: A). Also, when experienced with this "headphone lock" some of the volume settings fail to work properly. For example, in Sounds & Ringtones any changes to the slider for Ringtone volume has no effect unless you make a change to the slider and then immediately hit the volume up/down buttons while the sound is still playing. Additionally, the system sounds slider has no affect when in "headphone lock".

If anyone has a later hardware version and has not experienced this problem, please let me know immediately. jay AT somerandomgeek DOT net or tictac on #webos-internals or #webos-internals-ops. Please send me a private message as I usually am not monitoring the channel (/msg tictac blah blah)


  • Oreo Effect - Someone please post more information on this issue.