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FreeTim Sandbox

This is the wiki page that I use when preparing a wiki page, prior to release.

Current Project



  • PreWare
  • Terminal

Installing Doom:

  1. Install Preware and the Package Manager.
  2. Install Terminal - if you already have Terminal, update it using Preware.
    1. If you get a warning, this depends on 1other package being updated, choose INSTALL/UPDATE IT (terminal services plugin.)
    2. If you then get a warning "a script must be executed" then click the OK button to allow that.
    3. You may then be presented with button "Restart is required" choose OK button to allow that, all your apps will close and Luna will restart.
  3. next install DOOM using PreWare. Launch Preware, search for DOOM and click Install.
  4. next hit the LAUNCH button and follow the commands in Terminal which your convenience they are listed here:
    1. cd /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications
    2. cd org.webosinternals.sdldoom
    3. ./doom (note the leading period.)
  6. DOOM! will start in a new card.

Play DOOM! using the keys below, when done exit the game in the normal way.

===End of Sandbox===

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