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hi, thanks, it works with this image. I also was able to start vba but it's very slow.

I use this in the config-file for better keys. (WASD, and a=K, b=J, l=I, r=O, start=enter) Perhaps someone get ist faster.

<source lang="text"> Joy0_Left=0061 Joy0_Right=064 Joy0_Up=0077 Joy0_Down=0073 Joy0_A=006b Joy0_B=006a Joy0_L=0069 Joy0_R=006f Joy0_Start=000d Joy0_Select=0008 Joy0_Speed=0020 Joy0_Capture=0125 </source>

Maybe start from scratch with a fresh image, only do 'apt-get update' before attempting to install the packages mentioned in the wiki. Another thing you can try is following the alternative instructions here, which has a link to a Debian image with everything already installed.


it doesnt work on my phone.

It was hard to get the right direct-framebuffer deb-files, i had to use new ones: libxcb-xlib0_1.1-1.2_armel.deb libxcb1_1.1-1.2_armel.deb x11-common_7.3+20_all.deb

i get sound and keys work but no screen. Thanks for the help! <source lang="text">

    =======================|  DirectFB 1.0.1  |=======================
         (c) 2001-2007  The DirectFB Organization (
         (c) 2000-2004  Convergence (integrated media) GmbH

(*) DirectFB/Core: Single Application Core. (2008-08-18 13:04) (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4642)... (*) DirectFB/Input: headset (1) 0.1 ( (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4643)... (*) DirectFB/Input: gpio-keys (2) 0.1 ( (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4644)... (*) DirectFB/Input: maxim_keypad (3) 0.1 ( (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4645)... (*) DirectFB/Input: hsdl9100_proximity (4) 0.1 ( (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4646)... (*) DirectFB/Input: temt6200_light (5) 0.1 ( (*) Direct/Thread: Running 'Linux Input' (INPUT, 4647)... (*) DirectFB/Input: kxsd9_accelerometer (6) 0.1 ( (*) DirectFB/Graphics: Generic Software Rasterizer 0.6 ( (*) DirectFB/Core/WM: Default 0.3 ( SDL DirectFB_SetVideoMode: 320x480@16, flags: 0x90000001 </source>


  • With the recent breakthrough of 1.3.5, wouldn't it be simple to wrap Gnuboy into a nice little executable package? -Sketh