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Zcorder - Version: Beta 0.6.0
(5 May 2010)


Zcorder is the next generation audio recording app in development by WebOS Internals. Currently, it allows for audio capture from the built in microphone as well as through the headset. It also features a "media capture" mode, which can record virtually any audio stream that is currently playing (except for phone calls). Future plans include bluetooth support, ability to record calls, visualizations, and possibly a voice activation mode.

Zcorder uses the pulsesrc plugin directly through a gstreamer pipeline, so in theory it allows for more flexability in the future such as variable controls for stream and bitrate, and various plugins for mp3. Because it uses a C based service, there is only one package to install, which can also be uninstalled with the Orange+Tap method.

More information and discussion can be found on this thread at Precentral:


Zcorder is BETA SOFTWARE developed primarily by ZSoc & PuffTheMagic of WebOS Internals with assistance from a number of other developers (as listed in the Maintainers field in the package metadata). Please use at your own risk. If things break, WebOS Internals cannot be held responsible and is not liable for any damages.


Please see the official PreCentral thread first post at for the donation link. Since this is a wiki that anyone can edit, we do not put the donation link here.


Note that you cannot install the packages using any other method than the methods below. Specifically, fileCoaster is not able to install these packages.


Zcorder is now available in the main WebOS Internals feed in Preware. Use the List of Everything option and search for "zcorder". Select Zcorder and hit install.


The Zcorder application is GPLv2 Open Source licensed.

Operating notes

When Zcorder is first launched you will see the main screen. Zcorder will default to the Microphone mode. Tap the Record button to start recording audio. Once you have finished capturing, hit the Stop button. There might be a slight wait before you can hit Record again. To play the last recording, hit the play button.

Tap the Media Capture button to record currently playing audio. Note that some apps (Video, Youtube, etc) will stop playing if the card is minimized. To capture audio from these sources, you must start the recording in Zcorder then switch to the other app and start playback. Zcorder will wait until there is audio output before starting the capture.

All audio recordings are stored in /media/internal/recordings in mp3 format. They should be playable through the stock music player and the remix player.


There are several features of Zcorder that can be customized. All of these settings are available via the preferences option within the Zcorder menu. The table below lists all possible preferences. Options in bold represent defaults.

Option Description Possible Selections
Stream Rate Select what rate you would like Zcorder to record in. Anything larger than 16000 may not work. 8000,11025,12000,16000,22050
Bitrate Select the bitrate that the audio should be encoded in. This will determine the size of the audio file, with larger bitrates corresponding to better quality and larger filesizes. 64,96,128
Quality Adjust the quality of the audio stream. May affect encoding speed. Best,Medium,Worst

Recent enhancements

The Zcorder changelog can either be viewed through the WebOS Internals git ( or in the Zcorder package description in Preware. Changelog is also duplicated below, although it may be out of date.


  • Initial Public Beta Release


  • All flows should be free of bugs.
  • Beta service test.


  • New icons.
  • Fixed timer position issues.
  • Fixed upgrade problems.


  • Fixed Play button method so everything stops breaking


  • Play button works. Stability fixes


  • Minor UI overhaul.


  • Added real time position timer.
  • Tidyed up backend service methods.


  • Fixed an issue with restarting the Pre with Zcorder installed.
  • Fixed an issue where hitting stop twice could bring up an error.


  • Fixed stereo/mono problems.
  • Error handling is now.. handled.


  • Should function. Pre-Alpha testing purposes only.

Known bugs

Zcorder is currently in Beta stages. Please use this software at your own risk.

  • May not work on the Pixi.
  • Zcorder may not update properly if the application is open during the update. Reinstall to fix this problem.

Please report bugs here:

Source Code

Source at

Packages in the Main WebOS Internals feed.


Zcorder Main View Zcorder Main View