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Navit Release Notes


New release, new luck :)

Apart from some random updates the main change in this release is that tunnel-extrapolation is enabled by default. If you did manual changes to your navit.xml you need to enable it manually (see release notes v0.5.0.4718-2).

For tunnel-extrapolation to work you need a fairly new (i.e. not older than a month) map from (or downloaded via Navit-Maps). Tunnels must be marked in the map for extrapolation to work. So if it doesn't work for you it might be that the tunnel is not marked correctly in the OSM-data, the map was generated using a too old version of maptool or you encountered a plain old bug.


We fixed a bug in timeout handling that could result in double-freeing of memory, which would cause Navit to crash. There were also changes which should make tunnel-extrapolation work. It needs to be enabled in navit.xml, though.

To enable tunnel-extrapolation you need to add tunnel_extrapolation="12" to <tracking cdf_histsize="3"/>. You will need to play around with this value if you find that the cursor lags or runs ahead of your actual position. 12 stands for 1.2s extrapolation per gps rate. (Information taken from

Beware that this is an experimental feature and may not work as expected.

We also implemented a workaround for the GPS bug (reversed coordinates between -1° and 1° longitude).

We want to make a new stable release based on this one, so please give it some good testing.

Have fun!


A lot has happened upstream. But standing out is that searching for house-numbers is working again. The mapset definitions have moved from navit.xml to maps/mapset.xml. This change is needed to make the upcoming mapdownloading-app (Navit Maps) work.

So, if you changed your navit.xml, you need to adjust it if you want to use Navit Maps.


Fixes the ETA bug and contains some cleanups and fixes.


Fix support for WebOS 1.4.5. We removed the display of the GPS radius from the top-bar and put in a graphical signal-strength-indicator there. Besides that please test and report problems or (new) oddities. This might become a new stable release.


We finally got this thing working on WebOS 2.x :) The downside is that now it doesn't work properly on 1.4.5 ... hence I set required WebOS-version to 2.0. But I already have an idea how to get that solved.

Anyway .. If you have already tried Navit on your WebOS 2.x phone you _need to reboot_ your phone after installing this update, else Navit won't work. This was tested on WebOS 2.1.0 on a Pre Plus, so if you have something else and it doesn't work, please report.


This release has some bug-fixes which should improve stability. If you have modified your config you might also want to take a look at our config-changes, we split the quite large files into smaller chunks and put them into sub-directories.

This version also has some support for the imperial measurement system, have fun trying it out. We consider it to be experimental, you probably have to enable it manually.


Reverted the changes to the vehicle-profiles, they sent me straight through small residential areas ...

Also fixed some bugs and added some experimental optimizations to the drawing code. The OSD was modified again to show a nicer speed-warner and the current speed. The corresponding XML file (navit_gui_PreNav.xml) contains alternate sections where you can choose between speed-warner + current speed, just the speed-warner and a layout without any speed-display.


This should fix the display bug of the speedcam-warner,thanks to tegzed. It also brings modified layouts (i.e. POIs etc.) and vehicle-profiles (weighting of routes, so routing-decisions might be different), thanks to Kunz of the Nexave forum.

Remeber, if you modified your xml-files, you need to apply those mods to your config manually.


Modify OSD to make the speed warner look nicer. Fixed some minor stuff in the new menu. Rewrote part of the font-rendering to make font display independent of alpha values of the surface being rendered on.

Since this is a new stable release, for all those that did not use navit from the testing-feed, please also read the text for #v0.5.0.3845-2! Some important things changed!


This release fixes the problem when hitting the home-button in the bookmarks menu. It also removes the modification that completely broke Navit on webOS 2.0. So it should at least launch.


This release has a new menu layout. It still has some problems, the most recognizable being that the home-button in the bookmarks screen does not work. Besides that please try it and give feedback in the forum [[1]]


This release introduces a new way of us handling changes to the configuration files. We now check if the configuration files have been modified by the user using md5sums. If there is no md5sum-file or if the md5sum matches the existing config file is backed up and the new version put in place. If the md5sum does not match the file is not touched and the new version is put beside it with a .new-extension.

Since there are currently no md5sum-files, the configuration will be replaced by our version and the old saved as .old.

This version needs at least WebOS 1.4.5 and is known to not work on WebOS 2.0x. We are waiting for a WebOS fix from Palm to make WebOS 2 work.