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AccelService - Version: Pre-Alpha 0.0.3
(7 Aug 2009)


This service is deprecated, and has been removed from the feeds. WebOS 1.3.5 and above include an official API for adjusting the accelerometer resolution. The StageController.setWindowProperties() method now supports the fastAccelerometer property to increase the frequency of accelerometer events from 4Hz to 30Hz.


This service provides access to the accelerometer driver's poll_interval parameter. As of webOS 1.1.0, this interval is not accessible from application development and is set to 250ms. This makes most accelerometer driven applications choppy and slow. With this service, the poll_interval can be changed dynamically by the application.

The four methods exposed to the user are:

returns the frequency in HZ of the accelerometer events
returns the period in ms of the accelerometer events
sets the frequency in HZ of the accelerometer events
sets the period in ms of the accelerometer events

NOTE: This service does not modify the hardware, it simply increases the rate at which the driver sends accelerometer events to the application handlers listening for the 'acceleration' event.


This is early-alpha software.


AccelService is housed in the Applications section of the Webos-internals repository at Gitorious.

Source code for the example Mojo app can be browsed at

Source code for the service can be browsed at


Please be aware that org.webosinternals.accelservice and org.webosinternals.accelexample are licensed under the GPLv2.

They cannot be used by a closed source application. If you want to use them in a non-GPLv2 but otherwise open source application, please contact the authors.

Operating notes

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You can install it from Preware.