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F5VPN - 1.0.0

1. Open root shell

2. Install Python

ipkg-opt install python24

Configuring bzip2 Configuring libdb Configuring libstdc++ Configuring ncursesw Configuring openssl Configuring python24 Configuring readline Configuring zlib

3. Download (GPLv3) F5 VPN Script (Written by James Knight)



./ [--{http,socks5}-proxy=host:port] [[user@]host]

4. Run VPN script with user@domain parameter

root@castle:/media/internal# ./ jtomawski@<hidden>1ssl.<hidden>.com password for jtomawski@<hidden>1ssl.<hidden>.com? Session id gotten: abcd22222456712345678123404376a9 Getting params... Got plugin params, execing vpn client PPPD LOG: 'Using interface ppp1\n' PPPD LOG: 'Connect: ppp1 <--> /dev/pts/2\n' PPPD LOG: 'local IP address <hidden>\nremote IP address <hidden>\n' CALLING ip_up('ppp1', '/dev/pts/2', '<hidden>', '<hidden>') VPN link is up!

5. Test network access by browsing to internal resource

Open internal wiki, etc.

6. Ctrl-C to shutdown VPN link

Shutting down pppd, please wait... Shut-down. root@castle:/media/internal#

Screen captures:

F5VpnInternalLogin.png F5InternalWiki.png