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This page has all the information that you need to know about the WebOS Internals Source Code Repositories.

Getting Access

For commit permission to this repository please contact rwhitby on #webos-internals or email support@webos-internals.org

Build, commit and publishing process

  1. Create a local git repository and write your application.
  2. Request a new git repository and Makefile from rwhitby (see Getting Access above).
  3. Once you have access to the repository then you can push your application changes to the remote repository.
  4. Your code lives in these git repositories, but the metadata used by Preware is in the preware build makefiles. Here is a sample makefile.
  5. Once you have updated the Makefile for your application then you can publish the changes back to the remote repository
    git push git@git.webos-internals.org:preware/build.git
  6. The build process is run about every 15 minutes, but might take a little longer. Check the build log files (look for the 'tinker' ones under autobuilder) and ensure that your changes have been successfully compiled. Please note that if your build fails then the build for all subsequent applications will fail as well. So, it is important to ensure that the your code is built without any issues.
  7. Once your code has been compiled it will be published to the Preware Feeds in Preware so now you can update the feeds and install/update your app on your webOS device.