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The WebOS Internals wiki exists to record and organise legitimate information about webOS and the Linux operating system upon which it runs. The founders and administrators of the wiki define 'legitimate' as being information that does not violate commonly accepted legal, ethical or moral frameworks.

The intention is to create a wiki that does not cause Palm or its cellular carrier partners to need to react negatively to what is contained in the wiki. It is accepted that some areas of interest for some participants will fall outside of these boundaries, and we expect participants to record information related to those areas through other avenues. We hold the relationship between the third-party development community and Palm to be of high importance, and will err on the side of retaining that relationship.

Please note our disclaimer.


WebOS Internals is a meritocracy. If you have something to contribute, then please create an account and contribute it. Note that the MediaWiki software will automatically capitalise the first letter of your username, so you might want to use something like 'FirstnameLastname' instead of something like 'username' (which will end up appearing on the wiki as 'Username').

If your contribution is deemed to be technically meritorious by one of the existing wiki administrators, then they will grant your account administrator status too.

We expect to have many wiki administrators, and share the load of managing this wiki amongst them equally. Maintaining the content and organisation of this site is the job of the WebOS Internals developer community, not the people who happened to have the idea of setting up this wiki.

Anyone who registers with the site can create new content and modify existing content (although at some point in the future we expect that modifications to this page and a small set of other significant pages will need to be limited to the wiki administrators). We do not accept anonymous contributions.

The wiki administrators do reserve the right to edit any and all content and/or structure to maintain the stated goals of this site.

Contributions to this site are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. Note that this doesn't stop you actually using the information for any purpose, it just keeps the information (and any derivatives of it) freely available.

Whilst the focus at this site is on content rather than presentation, we do welcome anyone to help in organizing the information that is contributed and generally making the site easier to use and better looking. If you need higher privileges to do this, then please let the WikiSysop know.


  • PreCentral.net - the most active Pre-centric forums and the largest source for homebrew apps
  • everythingpre
  • howard forums - good for a wide variety of general phone / carrier info
  • the iPhone Wiki - a great example of an organized hack wiki, as well as lots of valuable technical information about boot loaders, buffer overflow exploits, and more
  • PalmPre.org - unofficial Palm Pre fan site