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At your rooted command line:

(make sure FS is rw) mount -o remount,rw / gst-launch camsrc ! palmvideoencoder ! filesink location=/media/internal/downloads/foo.mts mount -o remount,ro /

- No GUI - No sound (need a muxer plugin? verify alsasrc works) Frame rate seemed pretty decent too. Video is H.264 at 480x320.

other useful gstreamer commands:

gst-inspect (shows list of sources to pipe through, mostly decoders/demuxers)

Additional reference from XO Laptop site:

Currently looking at ways to use the camera preview pipe as a method of video recording through the WebOS GUI by diverting it to the filesystem.

File of interest: /usr/lib/luna/luna-media/palmInitMedia.js

More on the camera module: