Update 1.2.0

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Put all information about Update 1.2 here, including changes made, current development ideas, etc.


  • A vary of patches including the OnScreen Keyboard.
  • Flashlight app does not work anymore.
  • All of the messaging mods, patches, and edits don't work anymore. However, thing such as forwarding a message, you can copy-paste to forward.
  • Latest version of Quick Install does not recognize the Pre.


  • Find-as-you-type search support in Email
  • App Catalog updated to support purchasing apps
  • Web browser enhanced
  • auto zooms to forms
  • download in browser enabled (including opening pdfs)
  • better rendering of mobile pages
  • Orange+click context menu on links
  • save images
  • "Real" copy and paste
  • shift tap to select areas of text in the browser allows for copy and paste.
  • Select All option in Edit menu
  • Save images in browser(Not GIF, assuming JPG and PNG only, Orange+click to do this)
  • Clock app allows you to turn off alarms when mute switch is on
  • The full Facebook page now saves your login info, and is much easier to use because of auto zooming to text boxes
  • Speed increases across the board, notifications are much snappier
  • Dialer is snappy, minimal to no lag on anything
  • Selecting text and scrolling through text boxes is smoother, more accurate, and selects full words now
  • Can now disable Data(EVDO) and use WiFi in conjunction with standard voice service(Major battery saver, though there is an issue with it, you cannot make WiFi stay active when the screen is off and the phone isn't plugged in)
  • Can now copy entire conversations in Messager
  • Displays phone number when using the phone, instead of just Mobile or Home etc
  • If you are on the main screen or launcher.. in you press gesture+v to paste, it will start a global search with whatever you pasted.
  • Tasks now gives the option to sort in "My Order" (how things were entered), by due date, or priority.
  • Email search, though it only searches subject and sender right now
  • No more having to manually link AIM contacts to people if you already have that AIM name in the Google profile
  • The default Pre Ringtone has changed
  • Text Notifications now include a contact picture
  • Pinch to expand emails has been removed.
  • Updated mojo framework (200.18) on 1.1 it was 191.15(Probably responsible for the performance increases across the board)
  • Sprint Configuration is now v1.8
  • There is a "Send all to Car Kit" option in the Contacts Application now
  • Calendar now has additional preference setting for "Calendar View Options" to set the color of your calendars and to show them in the "All Calendars" view.
  • Swipe down though menu area now opens menus at top of screen.
  • Swipe to close launcher has been removed.

If you find anything missing your are welcome to add it.


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