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This page is shows compatibility information regarding webOS devices use on a non-official networks.

Please, add only one entry per network/phone model.

The "App Catalog" column percent number represent the total number of available Catalog apps compared to the official PreCentral count. You can get the available apps count by searching for an empty string on the main App Catalog app screen.

Rebel SIM with webOS 1.4.0

Note that the Rebel SIM II is officially not compatible with webOS 1.4.0. Many users have experienced problems including "SOS only" mode, damaging their SIM cards, no data connection at all or the Always roaming problem. There is an ongoing discussion at forums.

The current best workaround (by user sconix) for this problem is to load the phone's modem with an older firmware from a previous webOS release ( is sufficient), see this post for more info.

In short, you have to extract the castleumtsfw.tar from webOS.tar from the Doctor image. Then copy it to the /tmp directory on the phone a run PmModemUpdater -m -e -o </tmp/castleumtsfw.tar.


Country Network Voice SMS MMS 2G data 3G data App Catalog webOS version Notes Tested by
Austria Yesss Yes Yes No Yes No N/T 1.4.1 3G data can be made to work after manually editing the Carrier Database Marcello
Belgium Mobistar Yes Yes Yes Yes QWERTZ O2 unlocked Huub, Seti1er
Belgium Base reflex, Anthogno
Bermuda M3Wireless bdagirl
China (mainland) China Unicom Yes Yes Unlocked Spanish Movistar rayliu23
Czech Republic Vodafone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, 41 % w/ paid apps 1.4.1 QWERTY O2 locked, with Rebel SIM. Also sucessfully tested voice/SMS roaming on A1 in Austria and Orange in Slovakia.

QWERTZ (Germany O2 Unlocked)

Czechdev, Georgo
Finland Sonera

(FI Sonera)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, free apps only 1.1.3-1.4.5 QWERTZ O2 unlocked
  • Internet APN = Prointernet
  • MMS APN =
Finland dna finland jmpre
France Bouygues Telecom (Nomad Card) Yes Yes N/T N/T Yes 1.3.1- QWERTZ (German)Unlocked, (This Palm Pre was activated with Orange Sim Card the first time) Yannick56
Greece Wind Yes Yes N/T Yes Yes QWERTZ (German Expansys), Unlocked personGR
Grenada LIME wikka
Honduras TIGO Yes Yes NT Yes No No 1.4.0 QWERTZ German O2 unlocked (No need for rebel sim card)
  • App Catalog changes on and off daily, can update my apps, but no other apps show.
  • I am not sure how to test msm or 3G, but only E shows so far, internet is really fast though.
  • I have been told it also works with Digicel and Claro networks without a rebel sim card.
Hong Kong Peoples China Mobile kyll05, windflower
India Vodafone Sukh
India Vodafone Yes Yes N/T Yes N/T 1.3.1- QWERTZ (Germany Unlocked) Rohit
Italy Wind Yes Yes N/T Yes Yes 1.1.3- QWERTY O2 locked, with Rebel SIM Frankk
Italy 3 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes 1.1.3- QWERTY O2 locked, with Rebel SIM Frankk
Italy Vodafone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes* 1.3.x-2.1.0 The default setup works, but it will use "" as APN for data, which costs far too much. You need to subscribe to a data plan and manually change the APN.

(*) The App catalog works, but you can't use an italian address to register, so even if you can see "pay" apps, there's no way to buy them.

Malaysia Digi palmdoc2005
Malaysia Celcom Surrinder
Malaysia Maxis AHSS
The Netherlands KPN spud101
The Netherlands T-Mobile TheDizzAR, tomi666
New Zealand Vodafone kiwiterry
Philippines Globe alcarun, jester
Philippines Smart alcarun
Romania Orange Yes Yes N/T Yes Yes No - 1.4.0 QWERTZ O2 unlocked (first activated in Orange Ro) hertzi
Singapore starhub NiceGuy
Singapore M1 christcentric, alfetta_sg
Sweden Tele2 Yes Yes No Yes Yes AR No QWERTZ O2, use manual network settings
  • Internet
    • The use of no username and password seems to be what makes the Pre unable to use MMS here. Setting it manually empty leads to the Pre automatically entering "hs_null" as the username (and probably password as well).
Winterbay, loni86, tomoqv, frause
Sweden Telia Yes Yes No* Yes Yes AR QWERTZ O2, use manual network settings
  • Internet
  • MMS USERNAME=mms PASSWORD=telia MMSC=http://mmss/ MMS_PROXY=
Andreas, steveaw
Sweden Telenor steveaw
Switzerland Orange yes yes yes yes yes yes (not complete) all up to 1.4 Lux
Trinidad & Tobago TSTT Bmobile Kenjo2009
Turkey Turkcell Yes Yes No/Yes* Yes Yes No * After manually edit MMS settings in Carrier DB, it works... MMS APN=mms USERNAME=mms PASSWORD=mms MMSC= MMS_PROXY= Max MMS Size= 500 KB cryptooth
UAE Etisalat p25o1
  • N/A -- not available
  • N/T -- not tested
  • AR -- always roaming