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You need a Ubuntu 11.04 host system.

sudo apt-get install rootstock
sudo rootstock --fqdn touchpad
novacom put file://media/ext3fs/armel-rootfs-201107071349.tgz < armel-rootfs-201107071349.tgz

You need a large-enough ext3fs partition created with Meta-Doctor mounted at /media/ext3fs. Note that the latest optware bootstrap package will also use this if it exists. If you have not already done so you should setup the ext3fs partition to mount at bootup. Instructions can be found on the Meta Doctor page.

cd /media/ext3fs
mkdir ubuntu
cd ubuntu
tar zxvf ../armel-rootfs-201107071349.tgz
cp /etc/resolv.conf ./etc/resolv.conf
mount --bind /dev /media/ext3fs/ubuntu/dev
mount -t devpts none /media/ext3fs/ubuntu/dev/pts
mount -t proc none /media/ext3fs/ubuntu/proc
mount --bind /sys /media/ext3fs/ubuntu/sys
mount --bind /tmp /media/ext3fs/ubuntu/tmp
chroot /media/ext3fs/ubuntu

You need Xecutah from git, and xserver-package from WIDK x_restructure branch. Install both, run Xecutah, and start the X Server.

Back on the device, inside the Ubuntu chroot.

export DISPLAY=:0.0
apt-get install x11-apps matchbox-window-manager matchbox-keyboard
apt-get install emacs-nox
matchbox-window-manager -use_titlebar no &
matchbox-keyboard &
emacs &