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Do NOT do this if you want to connect your Pre to your computer in USB or MediaSync mode.

The following commands will move all your optware to an ext3 1GB loopback image that resides on /media/internal. <source lang="bash"> dd if=/dev/zero of=/media/internal/optware.img bs=1024 count=1000k mkfs.ext3 -F /media/internal/optware.img mkdir /tmp/opt mount -o loop /media/internal/optware.img /tmp/opt rm -rf /tmp/opt/lost\+found mv /opt/* /tmp/opt/ umount /opt umount /var/opt mount -o loop /media/internal/optware.img /opt/ echo '/media/internal/optware.img /opt ext3 defaults,loop 0 0' >>/etc/fstab </source>