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This document describes a method to setup ez-ipupdate to automatically update a dynamic DNS hostname to your Palm Pre's WAN IP address living on ppp0. for updating your Pre's DNS information using a Dynamic DNS service. If your Dynamic DNS service only offers updating via URL, or your service is not supported here, you may want to check Tutorials_Linux_DDNS_Update_Client_wget.

The benefit of the ez-ipupdate configuration on this page is that it only runs when the IP address changes on your Pre. This way it doesn't use any memory/CPU or other resources on an ongoing basis.

Every time your pre connects to the network, its IP address changes. If you want to access things on the Pre itself via the EVDO network, this is a pain since you have to look up the IP address each time. Dynamic DNS services allow you to have a stable name for the pre like: mypre.dyndns.org and each time the address changes on the Pre, the phone itself will update the IP address at dyndns.org so that your name always works.

ez-ipupdate package in the Optware feed in Preware

ez-ipupdate has now been added to the Optware package feed in Preware. To configure it, just edit /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf as detailed below, and everything else is automatic. You only need the service-type, user and host entries - the other configuration entries like interface, etc are handled automatically.


  • This page assumes that you have just finished the procedure on the Portal:Accessing_Linux page, and are still logged in as root via telnet, novaterm, or novaproxy.
  • You should also have gone through the next steps page.

Create a Dynamic DNS Account at one of the following:

Update freedns.afraid.org and other URL-based update services.

Enabling write access to the file system

 mount -o remount,rw /

Install ez-ipupdate

 /opt/bin/ipkg-opt install ez-ipupdate

Configure ez-ipupdate.

You will need to create a /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf file that has the information you gathered when you created your DDNS account in step 1. Here is an example /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf file to base your work off of


Note legal service-type values are:


On the pixi, use interface=rmnet0 for file /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf (instead of ppp0, as shown above).

Create the directory /opt/var/run needed for software such as ez-ipupdate for it's cache and run file

 mkdir -p /opt/var/run

6. Test your settings

 /opt/bin/ez-ipupdate -c /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf

When this step completes successfully then we can make it automatic.

Make this run whenever your ppp0 (EV-DO) IP address changes:

You can do this by adding a script to /etc/ppp/ip-up.d called 09update-ddns. Here are the contents of that /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/09update-ddns:

 /opt/bin/ez-ipupdate -c /opt/etc/ez-ipupdate.conf -q > /dev/null 2>&1 || /bin/true

Make this script executable

 chmod 755 /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/09update-ddns

Remount the file system as readonly

 mount -o remount,ro /

For your terminal settings to work better you should look here - Putty settings for DynDNS

  • Tutorial by dreadchicken.
  • Verified to work as written by optik678, ultraBlack and hopspitfire.
  • Simplification and more details by Dax Kelson.
  • ez-ipupdate added to Preware by Rod Whitby.