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What does this get around? The Pre does support this feature by default. If you put the phone in Airplane mode, you can enable both WiFi and Bluetooth while having the transmitter off. This seems completely unnecessary?

Peef writes: I sometimes want to turn off my radio when in a weak service area and stay on Wifi. While I can do this by enabling airplane mode, then turning back on Wifi, it's a pain. I also use it as a "reset" to get back EVDO when the phone drops to 1x because of spotty coverage.

Forced Roaming

I am trying to create a switch that toggles forced roaming, and I have tried to edit this patch so that it switches the forced roaming on and off, however to no avail. Any help with this from pEEf or HattCzech? It would be immensely appreciate as I have tried for 3+ days to get it to function. - paraplegicemu

Peef writes: Already done, see this:
Danstah writes: I like this idea a lot of putting an option in this drop down menu. Would make it so much easier than having to go into preferences. Any further luck paraplegicmu?

Phone can turn off, but not back on

I have pEEf's Phone Radio Toggle 1.4.1-1 patch installed on a Bell Pre with WebOS 1.4.1. The "Phone" item in the top bar menu says "On" (as expected), and when I hit "Turn off phone" the phone signal icon disappears, and all is well.

But when I go back in to the menu, the "Phone" item still says "On". Opening it gives me "Turn off phone," but the phone is already off. Selecting it does nothing (probably just turning it off again). The only way for me to reenable the phone radio is to turn Airplane Mode on and off.

Is this a known issue? I'd be happy to help diagnose it if necessary; I don't mind poking around the system files to see what's happening, I just don't know where to start. --Staedtler 14:33, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

If it matters, after upgrading to webOS 1.4.5 and reinstalling the patch, this behaviour persists. --Staedtler 17:41, 21 July 2010 (UTC)