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Another Idea to use this hack with would be to save your current location to a file throughout a poling period, and then using that info to geotag photos taken with a camera. (Other than the Pre's obviously).

Did we lose some information in moving this from one site to another? I see information about enabling cron, but it's only a link. I don't see the information about how cron relates to this script. I seem to remember previously, you called the script every 5 minutes, but not sure. Herb

I saw no response on this, so I did some comparisons and found the deleted cron entry (5 minutes), and readded it. Herb

Anyone able to provide some clarification for the last script listed: specifically, the script is attempting to pull the following system categories, which are all coming back blank for me: Bat=,Acc=0,Dir=0,Spd=0,Alt=0,AltAcc=0. I haven't modified this script to such a degree that it would affect the polling of these categories, but cannot figure out why these are showing as zero'd when viewing the email/link @ Google Maps. Help?