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Revision as of 00:30, 16 August 2009 by Hopspitfire (talk | contribs)
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Manual Patches and Discussion

I know that the patches are more portable and more user friendly, but personally, I like manually mucking in the code and looking around... It seems a shame to lose the original pages that have discussion and explanation of the hacks and replace them with just a patch...

Is it only me? If so, I will shut up :-) -Sottey

We're not losing any pages, usually all the patches have discussions and explanations from the original wiki. You're also free to explore the system yourself using the information from the patches, and post your findings on the wiki. -hopspitfire 07:17, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Also, the pages are right there. Just click the page-history tab. The previous version is still stored for you. rboatright 22:13, 12 August 2009 (UTC)

Bug in Coding

Think I may have found a bug in the Pre's coding....

I made some changes and the icons were too close together and the names of them ran over each other. I looked over the code and found 'text-overflow: ellipsis;' I looked that up and found out that it only works for Internet Explorer. It is used to put ... at the end of a word that is more characters than allowed. Any thoughts on this? -Jwdesselle

This patch is gone?

I applied this patch a few nights ago and last night my phone reset out of nowhere (it was sitting a few feet from me) and when it restarted the patch was gone! Anyone else know about this?