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So, I added the page source from the old wiki for this one, but the redirect doesn't appear to have taken. Probably because I hacked it to shreds. If anyone knows how to fix it, be my guest!

I'm also not sure if this should go under the Tutorials section or not, but it's easy enough to move it wherever it's meant to be.

im trying to add this patch due to update 1.1 removing it./ tho now my issue is when i input the .js im told i dont have permision./ im thinking its from the allowed sdk access and all i did to root before it was released./ i made a user name but being ill educated on linux when puttiong the pass i didnt know the field stayed invisable./ it made my user name but when the pass was done it said no chngs made./ can i delete that user file? or how do i get permission now ./ all help will be greatly thanked