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Ideas for improvement

I do not really care for coverflow (as it might slow things down). What I would love is an effective, bare bones way to read books. I am still using the treo 700p to read books via ereader.

Next, the cloud thing can be deferred. the shortcovers app is very bad IMO and I tend to read books where network access may not be possible i.e. plane, train etc. -Jho


This app needs to be an app for READERS. I've never found a ebook reader I really like. While I understand the urge for barebones, on the Pre, unlike lo-res 160x160 palm devices, we have the opportunity to be careful with typography and appearance.

Coverflow on shelves has several advantagages: Density: it allows multiple shelves to be displayed on the screen at a time, instead of a single bare text list, it allows COVERS to be represented where they are available (Baen webscriptions books in particular come to mind) and it's "cool" enhancing the appeal of the app.

As to speed: see webkit coverflow demo this needs modding to use drag instead of click, but if you click not ON the slider but off to the side you'll see the effect.

Preview the REAL operation in a webkit browser(safari or chrome or webkit) rboatright 13:05, 13 August 2009 (UTC)