Solution to App Catalog Installation Limit

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Based on rwhitby's findings that temporarily moving /var/usr/palm/applications will allow installing apps from the App Catalog, here's a permanent way to keep the apps on (much larger) /media/internal by using links. This will permanently save space on /var.

It's unfortunate that Palm has not resolved the issue in the 1.2 update. This is a workaround that could work long term, also saving space on /var, but this needs support by the homebrew community to add in the homebrew installer apps.


- create a dir mkdir /media/internal/apps

- create a script to move apps to new home and create link

vi /usr/bin/mvapp

<math> APP=$1 DEST=/media/internal/.apps ORG=/var/usr/palm/applications if [ -d $DEST ] then echo "" else mkdir $DEST fi if [ -h $APP ] then echo "Link already exists for... ${APP}" exit fi if [ -d $APP ] then echo "Moving $APP to $DEST..." else echo "Not a valid application directory." echo "Usage: mvapp " exit fi mount -o remount,rw / cd $ORG echo "Size of /var/usr/palm/applications before move... " du -sh . # move over to USB drive cp -r $ORG/$1 $DEST if [ $? != 0 ] then echo "Copy failed. Leaving app in $ORG." exit fi rm -r $ORG/$1 # create the link ln -s $DEST/$1 $ORG/$1 # rescan luna in case it's needed luna-send -n 1 palm://com.palm.applicationManager/rescan {} echo "$1 moved and linked." echo "Size of $ORG after move... " du -sh . </math>

chmod 777 /usr/bin/mvapp

To use, find the largest apps in /var/usr/palm/applications... du -s /var/usr/palm/applications |sort -n

It shows the largest apps last... IE....

6720 com.accuweather.palm 6720 net.likeme 6816 7232 com.apps.forwebos.ahs 7456 8352 com.apnews.webos 8512 8672 10304 com.shortcovers.palm.pre 10432 com.fusioncreativestudios.deadman 10656

To move, use the script...


It should now work in the new location thanks to the link. Test each app to make sure it works before doing another. I don't recommend looping the script to do every app in the dir or to link the entire app dir. File attributes are lost on the move, which some apps may need. You need to test each app after a move.

If you have issues with an app, remove it and reinstall through the respective app catalog or homebrew installer app.


Would like to propose that PreWare, WebOS Quick Install and other Pre installer apps provide an option to move any app in /var to the /media fs and create a link per the code above. Also provide option to move back. Could make a backup retaining file attributes using tar and restore that way.

Risks, Issues, Dependencies

- File attributes of linux fs are not copied over to fat fs. May not work with apps that rely on file attributes.