Removing app install limit in App Catalog

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--Xorg 16:22, 15 September 2009 (UTC)

I've been attempting to modify the App Catalog app to remove the limit of apps to install.

Have made some progress but still no luck in getting a successful installation. Here's what I've found so far...

In... /usr/palm/applications/


note lines 447, 451, 459, 460 I've tried to force 447, 451 and 459 to 'true'. This allowed getting past the error message and actually perform the download but the install fails.

Lines 593 and 594 Have attempted to adjust the app counter by forcing to 1 or subtracting rather than adding.

In... /usr/palm/applications/


Line 52 Experimented with changing the size factor. Made some difference.

I've been trying various changes with each of these areas and made some progress but getting invalid install in the end. Any other ideas?

On other tangent, I was able to trap the download and see the ipk located in /media/internal/downloads. I could then from root command do an ipkg install of that package successfully, so the limit is obviously not in the ipkg system.

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