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Applications that pertain to a specific useful use.
Template - By: [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]] - [{{{site}}} Website]
A really nice description

BADD Flashlight - By: Colonel Kernel - Website
Not all is lame, however, BADD Flashlight has a feature that LED-based phone flashlights do not and can not have: A Red-Light Night Vision mode. Astronomy enthusiasts, among others, use red-light flashlights to protect their dark-adjusted eyes. --Colonel Kernel [1]
Dali Clock - By: jwz - Website
Dali Clock, a Palm Pre port of a morphing clock program that I've been porting to various platforms since 1991! The original version ran on the Xerox Alto in the early 1980s, and on the original 128K Macintosh in 1984. I've written versions for X11, MacOS X, PalmOS Classic, and now Palm WebOS and Javascript. Download the applications and/or the source code on the above URL. Credits to jwz [2]
Habla! Spanish Translator - By: taalibeen - Website
You can enter a word in either English or Spanish, and it will pull up the definition from wordreference mobile. Outstanding post, thanks taalibeen [3]
My First Medical App - By: Oncopda - Website
Firstly please be gentle on this JS noob. I started on JS only a little while ago and eventually want to port a bunch of utilities which I require for personal work (and will share with anyone who is interested) in my little webapp here: Oncopda Thanks again Dr. PalmDoc[4]
My Flashlight - By: PreGame - Website
Simple Flashlight Application developed by PreGame http://forums.precentral.net/attachments/homebrew-apps/20089d1245457571-my-flashlight-requires-rooting-flashlight_2009-19-06_172021.png
SciRPN Calculator Rev4 - By: themarco - Website
themarco [5]
Stopwatch / Counter - By: [[User:{{{user}}}|{{{user}}}]] - Website
<samboa21> I have created a blog for this app, and future apps. Six Crackers In a Minute [6]
Soundboard - By: Davis - Website
Here's a simple Soundboard app with some sound effects that you may find useful in daily conversation. All sounds were found at freesound :: home page Thanks Davis [7]
Translator - By: roar - Website
You can find all info again here: Translator for Palm Pre [8]
Timer on a stick / Countdown Timer - By: dsevil - Website
It's a very simple countdown timer. You may specify any amount of time from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. --dsevil [9]