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Applications that pertain to ones lifestyle will be listed below. For instance Golf, Yachts, or Pimp's organizer.
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A really nice description

Google Maps Bookmarks - By: bruba - Website
It's a simply app. But it might come in handy for some people and the author, bruba Bookmark addresses you need on the road, so you don't have to type them over and over and/or remember them. [1]
Jokes - By: mapara - Website
There's no "next" button, you have to close the app and run it again if you want to see another joke. But hey, it's called "Joke of the day" for a reason! Thanks to mapara [2]
Tip Calculator - By: JWZ - Tip Calculator Website
A simple restaurant tip calculator, my first Palm Pre application. Download the application and/or the source code on the above URL. Thanks to jwz and PreGame for the update. [3]