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Applications that have a puzzle or video game nature to them will be listed below.
Blocked AKA Traffic Jam or Unblock Me - By: oil - Website
It's basically a puzzle game, with a board filled with blocks, that you must move out of the way to free the way for the highlighted block to be able to leave the board.
Brick Breaker - By: kmax - Website
The idea is to bounce the ball off the paddle (which you control by sliding your finger) and into the bricks. Created by kmax http://forums.precentral.net/attachments/homebrew-apps/21611d1247619513-brickbreaker-0-1-7-14-nnr-brickbreaker_2009-14-07_195119
Dot Game - By: oil - Website
A WebOs version of the old paper & pencil game where you try to create the most boxes, one line at a time, while trying not to let your opponent create a box. It's a 2 player game. You hand the Pre back and forth after each turn. http://forums.precentral.net/homebrew-apps/190937-dot-game-v1-5-2-1-5-0-nrr.html
Hangman - By: [[User:palmdoc2005 [1]|palmdoc2005 [2]]] - Website
Here's another one to pad the Homebrew numbers :) palmdoc2005
Lottery Number Generator - By: mapara - Website
More features on the way :) Thanks mapara
Othello / Reversi - By: rboatright - Website
Now at rev 4 !! Thanks rboatright [3]
Pretris - By: elchileno - Website
Here is the latest version of tetris for palm. The official name will Pretris. Created by code warrior elchileno. More support found here.. http://danielfarina.com/pre/tetris_demo9
pDice D&D Die roller - By: robobeau - Website
As my first venture into the whole Mojo SDK thing, I decided to make a dice rolling app. It's been fun learning javascript, and hopefully it'll lead to bigger and better apps, but for the time being, I think this is a nice first try. --robobeau [4]
Pre Memory - By: el chileno - Website
PreMemo: Memorize the images and find their corresponding pairs. Muchas Gracias el chileno [5]
Snake - By: roar - Website
I probably don't have to tell you much about that game except that it's available for your Pre! --roar [6]
SimplyFlipFlops - By: Dieter Bohn - Website
Notes: Does not do anything, just a proof of concept for the homebrew install method. Still, it shows your homebrew cred! --Dieter Bohn [7]
Sodoku Solver - By: rboatright - Website
This is a port of the soduku solver at JavaScript Sudoku Solver [8]] --rboatright
Solitaire - By: TJ - Website
thanks everyone! major thanks to Arognlie for fixing the script and debugging the code. --TJ [9]
Tic Tac Toe - By: kmax12 - Website
This is my first program ever! I started to teach myself to program once I got my Pre, and god is it easy. If it wasn't I wouldnt be releasing this with only 5 hours or so of work. Credits (again) kmax12 [10]