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All applications are listed below no matter what category they fall under.
Hello World 2: a starter app for Mojo beginners to build from - By: Unknown - Website
An Extensive Instructional Documentation posted Here
My Notifications - By: Kaerey - Website
This homebrew'd application customizes default notification sounds. http://www.carrytheone.org/webOS/images/mynotification_03
Pretris - By: elchileno - Website
Here is the latest version of tetris for palm. The official name will Pretris. Created by code warrior elchileno. More support found here.. http://danielfarina.com/pre/tetris_demo9
Blocked AKA Traffic Jam or Unblock Me - By: oil - Website
It's basically a puzzle game, with a board filled with blocks, that you must move out of the way to free the way for the highlighted block to be able to leave the board.
Dot Game - By: oil - Website
A WebOs version of the old paper & pencil game where you try to create the most boxes, one line at a time, while trying not to let your opponent create a box. It's a 2 player game. You hand the Pre back and forth after each turn.


Tip Calculator


PreBrewFarts (Lulz)

  • New PreBrewfarts let you fart from the pre of your hand. Please let me know if you like it, Give ctl-advance a shout!


Brick Breaker

  • The idea is to bounce the ball off the paddle (which you control by sliding your finger) and into the bricks. Created by kmax


My Flashlight

  • Simple Flashlight Application developed by PreGame


pDice D&D Die roller

  • As my first venture into the whole Mojo SDK thing, I decided to make a dice rolling app. It's been fun learning javascript, and hopefully it'll lead to bigger and better apps, but for the time being, I think this is a nice first try. --robobeau



  • I probably don't have to tell you much about that game except that it's available for your Pre! --roar

Stopwatch / Counter



  • Here's another one to pad the Homebrew numbers :) Created by palmdoc2005


SciRPN Calculator Rev4


Kentucky Prisonpedia

  • I have finally made my app where it is functioning to the minimum that it can. Thank you to all who have helped me understand what I needed to do in order to get the basic function working. --tycoonbob


Othello / Reversi


Dilbert / Garfield Daily Comic

  • So here are two (very) little apps, one for the daily dilbert and one for your daily dose of garfield intellect. They both let you view past comics (last week for Dilbert, and last 30 years or so for garfield) and share the comic with a buddy (via email). Have fun with that! --roar



  • thanks everyone! major thanks to Arognlie for fixing the script and debugging the code.

--TJ http://forums.precentral.net/attachments/homebrew-apps/21031d1246922402-solitaire-v0-9-6-0-9-5-nrr-2




  • This is my first finished Palm Pre app, it lets you translate words and sentences from and to 30 languages. It uses the Google translate service, so be careful when translating whole sentences

Additionally to the translating, if you tap the paper plane button you can send the translated text directly to your buddy via the Pre's own messaging app. Thanks to coder roar



  • Here's a simple paint application that I was messing around with. Right now you can only change the color and thickness of the brush and not a whole lot else. I'd like to implement being able to save or load a picture and other ideas I have. Let me know what you think. Thanks to snailslug


=== Pre Memory

  • PreMemo: Memorize the images and find their corresponding pairs. Muchas Gracias el chileno


Tic Tac Toe

  • This is my first program ever! I started to teach myself to program once I got my Pre, and god is it easy. If it wasn't I wouldnt be releasing this with only 5 hours or so of work. Credits (again) kmax12


XBox Live Friends

  • Gives you a quick and convenient way to check if your friends are online and what they're doing. All wrapped up in a sexy package. Thanks again to oil



  • There's no "next" button, you have to close the app and run it again if you want to see another joke. But hey, it's called "Joke of the day" for a reason! Thanks to mapara


Timer on a stick / Countdown Timer

  • It's a very simple countdown timer. You may specify any amount of time from 1 second to 99 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds. --dsevil


BADD Flashlight

  • Not all is lame, however, BADD Flashlight has a feature that LED-based phone flashlights do not and can not have: A Red-Light Night Vision mode. Astronomy enthusiasts, among others, use red-light flashlights to protect their dark-adjusted eyes. --Colonel Kernel


Lottery Number Generator

  • More features on the way :) Thanks mapara


My Frist medical App

  • Firstly please be gentle on this JS noob. I started on JS only a little while ago and eventually want to port a bunch of utilities which I require for personal work (and will share with anyone who is interested) in my little webapp here: Oncopda Thanks again Dr. PalmDoc


Dali Clock

  • Dali Clock, a Palm Pre port of a morphing clock program that I've been porting to various platforms since 1991! The original version ran on the Xerox Alto in the early 1980s, and on the original 128K Macintosh in 1984. I've written versions for X11, MacOS X, PalmOS Classic, and now Palm WebOS and Javascript. Download the applications and/or the source code on the above URL. Credits to jwz


=== Habla! Spanish Translator v

  • You can enter a word in either English or Spanish, and it will pull up the definition from wordreference mobile. Outstanding post, thanks taalibeen


Google Maps Bookmarks

  • It's a simply app. But it might come in handy for some people and the author, bruba Bookmark addresses you need on the road, so you don't have to type them over and over and/or remember them.


Sodoku Solver

http://forums.precentral.net/attachments/homebrew-apps/21324d1247257447-sudoku-solver-v1-0-nrr-ssolver_screen.png --rboatright


  • Notes: Does not do anything, just a proof of concept for the homebrew install method. Still, it shows your homebrew cred! --Dieter Bohn