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What is it that you want to do on your Pre?


Look below and choose the option that is best for you-

  1. Easy Using a computer to install homebrew applatications for you Palm Pre. Suitable for those that do not have a lot of computer know-how. Compatible with Mac, Windows, and Linux Computers.
  1. Moderate The second option is best for those that have some computer know-how and want to get to know how their Pre works a little bit more. This option requires more work, however. Since the Palm Pre is a linux based device, it is helpful if you know how to use Linux. Cross-platform compatible.
-*Hacking is called "Accessing linux." It is highly recommended that you read this article if you are thinking about doing option two: Accessing Linux!="Rooting your Pre"

Recommended for Non-Computer-Savvy Folks

{{#icon:Favorites.png|Getting Started|48|Tutorials_webOS_Installing_An_Ipk}} Option 1: Installing a Homebrew App Easily

WebOS Quick Installis a Mac/Windows/Linux computer application that installs homebrew apps onto your Pre. You'll need Java 1.6 and then to download WebOS Quick Install, and follow the setup instructions. You're ready to go after that.

You can also install Homebrew Apps right over the phone using a Pre application called FileCoaster. This is actually a pretty easy process, you just need install the application onto your Pre (using WebOS Quick Install maybe), then go to PreCentral and copy-paste the URL into FileCoaster. Click on the link to find out more.

{{#icon:WebOS.png|Webos Applications|48|Portal:webOS_Applications}} WebOS Homebrew App Listings

Already able to add apps? Then check out the homebrew apps made by our users and affiliates. Can be used with options 1 and 2.

Recommended for Moderate-Advanced Computer Users

{{#icon:Kompare-icon.png|Getting Started|48|Portal:Accessing_Linux}} Option 2: Accessing Linux

Do you want to take the extra risk of accessing the linux on the Palm Pre? Or do you have a good understanding of Linux or programing? (Cross-platform)

Remember-Read this article if you're going to Access Linux="Root your Pre"

{{#icon:Applications-development.png|Development Tools|48}} Development Tools and Programs

Get all the tools you need to make your own applications, to access you Palm Pre's Linux codes, for cross-compiling, etc,

Need help/Want to contribute?

{{#icon:System-help.png|Development Tools|48|Portal:Community}} IRC

Download an IRC client and join us in #webos-internals on FreeNode.

The same rules apply as those on the wiki for discussion.