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What is it that you want to do on your Pre?


Look below and choose the option that is best for you-

  1. Easy INFO: We're trying to get a better way of doing this, so just sit tight. I'll update this page with the new method as soon as it comes out. Using a Windows OS application named PreBrew makes homebrew app installation a fairly simple and easy process, so it is suitable for those that do not have a lot of computer know-how. (NOTE: Windows users only! Mac and Linux OS use option 2.)))
  2. Moderate The second option is best for those that have some computer know-how and want to get to know how their Pre works a little bit more. This option requires more work, however. Since the Palm Pre is a linux based device, it is helpful if you know how to use Linux. NOTE: Cross-platform compatible.
-*Hacking is called "Accessing linux." It is highly recommended that you read this article if you are thinking about doing option two: Accessing Linux="Rooting your Pre"

Recommended for Non-Computer-Savvy Folks

{{#icon:Favorites.png|Getting Started|48|Tutorials_webOS_Installing_An_Ipk}} Get Started Installing a Homebrew App with PreBrew

INFO: We're trying to get a better way of doing this, so just sit tight. You can still use PreBrew, although option 2 is still recommended if you are able to use it. (Works with Windows OS only.))

Preferred method as of now is a little bit harder, but still easy enough: Accessing Linux Remember-Read this article if you're going to Access Linux="Root your Pre"

{{#icon:WebOS.png|Webos Applications|48|Portal:webOS_Applications}} WebOS Homebrew App Listings

Already able to add apps? Then check out the homebrew apps made by our users and affiliates. Can be used with options 1 and 2.

Recommended for Beginner-Advanced Computer Users

{{#icon:Kompare-icon.png|Getting Started|48|Portal:Accessing_Linux}} Option 2: Accessing Linux

Do you want to take the extra risk of accessing the linux on the Palm Pre? Or do you have a good understanding of Linux or programing? (Works with Mac OS, Windows OS's, and Linux OS's)

{{#icon:Applications-development.png|Development Tools|48}} Development Tools and Programs

Get all the tools you need to make your own applications, to access you Palm Pre's Linux codes, for cross-compiling, etc,

Need help/Want to contribute?

{{#icon:System-help.png|Development Tools|48|Portal:Community}} IRC

Download a IRC client and join us in #webos-internals

The same rules apply as those on the wiki for discussion.