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This page lists patches to webOS existing apps which modify the behavior as shipped. Note that these patches may be version specific and may be broken by future webOS updates. Proceed with caution. If you get one that works please put " - Works with " + version (for instance 1.0.4)

This page is undergoing structuring please contribute moving or adding new entries under the appropriate headings. Each page should contain at least the basic headings

  • 1. Introduction: A brief description to introduce people to the patch.
  • 1.1 Usage:An explanation if it is needed on how to use the modification see Add/Delete Pages in the Launcher as an example.
  • 2. Editing Process: Step by step instructions to manually edit.
  • 3. Patching Process: Details for making the edits with a patch file and pointing people to the Applying Patches page if the patch is also provided in the webos-internals gitorious repository.

Completed Patches

The following have not been checked for which the appropriate heading to be under.

Patches that Need Work

Patch Ideas to be Created or in Progress