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I've made a small modification that changes how new tasks are handled. Ordinarily, new tasks appear at the bottom of the task list. In this view, you need to tap again to enter details like a due date. With this modification when add a task, the details card appears (pictured). At this window you can immediately set the task name, due date, task list, and priority. You're not forced to fill out each of those fields, they're just available. Enter your info, then swipe back and you'll see your new task in the list, or close the new task card (flick up) and the task is saved automatically.


I've tested this on v1.03 and v1.04 and I haven't had any problems yet. Use at your own risk. I'm not responsible. And make a backup!

Editing Process

Accessing linux is required. These directions assume you have already done so.

1. Mount for rw access:

mount -o remount,rw /

2. Make a backup of the file! Don't be lazy!

cd /usr/palm/applications/
cp tasks-assistant.js tasks-assistant.js.bak

3. Then open the file /usr/palm/applications/

vi tasks-assistant.js

4. In _newTask: function(previousTask)

Replace line 917 (line 921 in os 1.1):


with this code:, index);

5. Also, replace line 940 of the same file (line 944 in os 1.1):


with this code:, index);

6. Save and reboot.

mount -o remount,ro /


(os 1.1 changes verified by tcurtin on 7/24/09)

Contact Me

Please leave me a note if it works for you:


Patching Process

This space for details of performing this modification through a patch file.