Patch Messaging New Cards For Each Conversation

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Works with: 1.0.4, 1.1

The message app can be a pain when you have multiple conversations going on. You have to swipe back and then pick someone else quite often. It gets annoying. This modification makes it so a new card is created whenever you click into a conversation.

Edit /usr/palm/applications/ We are going to replace the launchChatView function with the following...

launchChatView: function(chatThreadId) {
	//Need to jump to that stage if it exists
	var stageController = Mojo.Controller.appController.getStageController("messaging"+chatThreadId);
		if (stageController) {

	var params = {name: 'messaging' + chatThreadId,
			lightweight: Mojo.Controller.appInfo.lwStages

	var callback = function(controller) {
					focusWindow: true

	Mojo.Controller.getAppController().createStageWithCallback(params, callback); //doesnt create ifit exists sooo

Now in /usr/palm/applications/ Comment out lines 246 and 247 (WebOS 1.1: Lines 289 & 290). This will make it so if you back gesture in a chat, then it doesn't bring you back to the conversation list or do anything else.

Either reboot or refresh/kill LunaSysMgr.


There's some delay in creating the new cards. I'm not sure why though.

Unread message counter in listview doesn't always update when you view a conversation.

Major Bugs

None yet

Enjoy! -Mike dg

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