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(Cleaqed up and verified for webOS 1.1)
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The Change

- Make a backup of the file you are going to edit:

cd /usr/palm/applications/com.palm.app.messaging/app/controllers/
cp chatview-assistant.js chatview-assistant.js.orig

- Open the file in vi:

vi chatview-assistant.js 

- Once the file is loaded, search for the string "forceSendIfOffline" by hitting the "/" key and then typing the string "forceSendIfOffline" and pressing enter

- hit the "i" key to inssert.

- Move to the part of the line that says "false" and change to "true"

- Save the file (:qw)

- Reload the system and you are done:

    sudo stop LunaSysMgr ; sudo start LunaSysMgr