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The Amazon app only allows downloading songs over WiFi. This will also allow downloading songs over EVDO/3G.

cd /usr/palm/applications/

cp download-manager.js download-manger.js.sav

Update: Fix for Pre 1.1.0 Amazon over EvDo. Patch available below

To "comment out" a line, add // at the beginning. Example:

printf("This is code");
//printf("This is commented out");

edit download-manager.js

comment out lines 440-442

440:  //if (userInitiated &&....
441:          //this.showWifiRequired....
442:  //}

then force lines 465 & 466 to be true and comment out line 467

465:  if (1 == 1) {
466:     if ( 1 == 1) 
467: 		 //|| PalmSystem.version.index....

reboot (or orange-sym-r)

Credit for 1.1.0 amazon over EvDo(3G) fix: Jack87

Bellow only works prior to the 1.1.0 update

Comment out lines 416-423 (if condition stating songs must be downloaded via wifi)
Force lines 446 and 447 to be always true.... if ( 1 == 1 )
446:  if (1 == 1) {
447:      if (1 == 1)
Comment out line 448 (test for "desktop")
Confirm you have appropriate matching parens and brackets

reboot  (or orange-sym-r)

3. Patch is now available via Gitorious. Note that this is slightly different code but does the same:


Applying Patches

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It took about 30 seconds to download a 3 minute song over EVDO with speedtest showing about 1Mbps or so, but hard to say as speed was bursting up to 2Mbps and down to 1Mbps for each test.

Modify-stock-app.jpg Modify-stock-app2.jpg


xorg, Jack87, patch submitted by sivan