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(we're currently using LinuxBinary for the GNU Patch Binary - other suggestions for the new Type name welcome)
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| Feed || Package source feed
| Feed || Package source feed
| Type || Application, service, or plugin
| Type || Application, Service, Plugin, LinuxBinary
| Category || Package category
| Category || Package category

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Version 2.0

This page will document the agreed packaging standards for webOS homebrew ipkg files and open standard ipkg feeds.

Name Definition
Size Package size (in KB)
Status Installed/Not-installed (and other stuff we don't use)
Architecture all, armv7, or i686
Section The category when there is no source data
Package Package name in reverse-dns style
Filename Actual name of .ipk file
Depends Actual package names of dependencies (comma-space separated, ignore contents of () at the end)
Maintainer Group or individual responsible for maintenance
Version In N:N(.N)*(-N)? format (see ipkg source for the different version parts)
Description Title of the package
MD5Sum MD5 checksum of package to verify downloaded file
Installed-Time Timestamp of installation
Installed-Size Size of installed package
Source *See lower table*

Title Actual title of application
Source Where to obtain source code
LastUpdated Timestamp of last update
Feed Package source feed
Type Application, Service, Plugin, LinuxBinary
Category Package category
Homepage URL to package homepage
Icon URL to icon image (assumed to be 64x64)
FullDescription Actual description of package (includes html?)
Screenshots Array of URLs
License Package license conditions