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Cypress TTSP touchscreen



info on meego kernel that might be helpful:

accelerometer application notes and related system programming guide (


MAX8903 based LiOn charger description and datasheet

MAX17042 fuel gauge

pokey9000 kernel is 2.6.32-omap1 ( git archive --format=tar --prefix=linux-2.6.32-omap1/ v2.6.32-omap1 | gzip > ../linux-2.6.32-omap1.tar.gz ) stock kernel is v2.6.29-omap1

The audio CODEC is a TI TLV320DAC3100 which has a built in PWM headphone amp, headphone detection, and a mic amp and ADC for a microphone. Unfortunately the headphone jack appears to be a 3-pole TRS style, so there's no mic or control input.