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Porting webOS to a touchscreen ARM netbook (or convertible tablet)


webOS is designed for users to search data and create new data, by means of a keyboard built in to each phone. Typedown filter lists allow users to quickly find an item amid thousands. Netbooks marry the high-input-bandwidth of a keyboard to the high (for a mobile device) output bandwidth output of a display. Netbooks running a desktop OS have stalled, because mobile design is different than desktop design. Netbooks running webOS will combine the ease-of-use of webOS with high-bandwidth input, making it ideal for mobile search and mobile content creation. Netbooks are ideal for command-line use.


  • normal use of standard webOS apps on a netbook
  • packaging open-source webOS to make installing it as easy as it can be.


First priority is to identify suitable hardware, with a multitouch screen. We need to find an initial target platform that is currently available.

What kind of graphics chips can be made to work?


Always Innovating Touch Book Netbook v2 The company is all about open hardware and varying OSs.

Asus EEE Pad Transformer

SG-TPC TPC0801 Can't find mfg page, which would make it a poor initial target.

Toshiba AC 100 Toshiba's site doesn't acknowledge this, so it may have been discontinued.

HP Touchpad Pre2 AlwaysInnovating TouchBook 2 Eee Pad Transformer TF101
SOC Qualcomm Snapdragon APQ8060 OMAP 3630 TI ? OMAP3530 NVIDIA Tegra 2
processor core Scorpion (similar to ARM Cortex A8) ARM Cortex-A8 ARM Cortex-A8 ARM Cortex-A9 (lacks NEON)
cores 2 1 1 2
instruction set ARMv7 ARMv7, Thumb-2 ARMv7
ordering In-order dual instruction issue
L2 cache 512 kB 256 KB shared 1MB
Graphics Qualcomm Adreno 220 core PowerVR SGX530 ULP GeForce 333 MHz
display 1024x768 320x480 1024x600 8.9" capacitive touchscreen ? AU Optronics B089AW01 V0 1280x800 "10 finger multi-touch support"
accelerometer Freescale MMA7455L "G-Sensor", "Gyroscope"

Not Possible

chromebooks (no touchscreen)

Areas of Concern

  • low-level touch screen driver
  • gstreamer; what codecs are already available?


  • OpenEmbedded and Debian build systems