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Naming cleanup

I propose the following changes to the portal box in the sidebar:

  • Accessing Linux should not be a portal. It is more of a tutorial, and most people only need it once. It would be better to have it only linked from the main page.
  • webOS Applications and Linux Applications renamed to just webOS and Linux. These portals are already more than just applications, and more things will probably be added to them.
  • Hardware Information renamed to Hardware
  • Research & Reference split. (the line's already wrapping, so it wouldn't take up more space)
  • The page Portal:Misc renamed to Portal:Miscellaneous. If it can be spelled out in the sidebar, it definitely can be spelled out in the article title.
  • The Palm SDK & Docs renamed to SDK
  • Put Miscellaneous after Tools

This would be the result:

That looks much nicer, don't you agree? More concise and not as much line wrapping. Of course, the pages themselves will have to be renamed, too.

Tell me what you think. If you're an admin who can edit the sidebar, i already have the code ready for you in a comment here for easy copy and paste.
X1011 05:05, 23 July 2009 (UTC)