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Favorites.png Getting Started

Access the Linux userland on your Pre to start hacking.

Linux.png Linux Apps & Tutorials

The entire catalog of Optware packages is available on the Pre.

WebOS.png webOS Apps & Tutorials

Check out the homebrew apps made by our users and affiliates.

Development / Homebrew
Applications-development.png Development Tools

Get info on the SDK, toolchains, cross-compiling, etc.

Preferences-plugin-script.png Source patches

Get patches for Mojo apps to add functionality and expose hidden features.

Preferences-plugin.png Plugins/Adapters

Check out a compilation of plugin-style applications.

Help-browser.png Recovery

Did you brick your Pre? Find out how to restore the factory image.

System-help.png Howtos & Tutorials

Need help with something? Looking for a tutorial? Find it here.

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|→ No but get on IRC
|→ I can't right now (just found out my IRC client's free trial expired) but look at ...sorry for being nit-picky. Btw, do you know of any good free IRC client for Vista that isn't mIRC, XChat (which I was just using), or ChatZilla? :P
I use Pidgin it handles all my IM stuff and IRC. I'm fixing it right now.
Ahh, I've used Pidgin but have since then switched to Digsby. Sorry about the long, drawn-out chat here. I'm going to try to solve my IRC issues and get back to you. Thanks for the chat though. ;-)

Portals the Main Page Must Have

☑ Accessing Linux

☑ webOS Applications [& Tutorials]

☑ Linux Applications [& Tutorials]

☑ The Palm SDK & Docs

☐ Links for editing the wiki (removes all those large boxes on the right)