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Favorites.png Getting Started

Access the Linux userland on your Pre to start hacking.

Linux.png Linux Apps & Tutorials

The entire catalog of Optware packages is available on the Pre.

WebOS.png webOS Apps & Tutorials

Check out the homebrew apps made by our users and affiliates.

Applications-development.png Development Tools

Get info on the SDK, toolchains, cross-compiling, etc.

Preferences-plugin.png Plugins/Adapters

Check out a compilation of plugin-style applications.

Preferences-plugin-script.png Source patches

Get patches for Mojo apps to add functionality and expose hidden features.

Help-browser.png Recovery

Did you brick your Pre? Find out how to restore the factory image.

System-help.png Howtos & Tutorials

Need help with something? Looking for a tutorial? Find it here.

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Portals the Main Page Must Have

☑ Accessing Linux

☑ webOS Applications [& Tutorials]

☑ Linux Applications [& Tutorials]

☑ The Palm SDK & Docs

☐ Links for editing the wiki (removes all those large boxes on the right)