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Please help us convert pages from the old wiki.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Go to edit on the old page, and copy the source code into your favorite editor.
  2. Replace all [[[ with [[
  3. Replace all ]]] with ]]
  4. Replace all ** with '''
  5. Replace all // with ''
  6. Replace all [[code]] with <source lang="text"> (or specify a different language for syntax highlighting. see Help:Style_Guide#Code_Blocks)
  7. Replace all [[/code]] with </source>
  8. Replace all {{ with <code>
  9. Replace all }} with </code>
  10. Change headings to MediaWiki format: find all lines that start with + or ++ or +++ or ++++ , and edit them so that the line is enclosed in the same number of = signs. For example, ++ level 2 header becomes == level 2 header ==
  11. Create a link to the new article on this wiki by editing a portal page or the article that you want to be the parent of the new article. For example, [[Article Name|Link Text]] yields Link Text. Please name your pages in Title Case.
  12. Click on that link to bring up the edit page, and paste in the text from your editor.
  13. Perform any clean-up editing required. In particular, you may need to edit links to other pages.
  14. Save.
  15. Copy the URL of this new page.
  16. Go back to edit the old page, and add the following line at the top:
    [[module Redirect destination=""]]
  17. Paste the URL in between the quotes.
  18. Save.

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