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Load Address: 0x40200000

The bootloader is actually stored outside the filesystem, starting from the second block of the Pre's flash disk.

This does some minimal hardware initialization, then loads the "real" bootloader and executes it. The "real" bootloader is tacked onto the end of boot.bin as a gzip. The offset of the "real" bootloader is different for every version. Table below will give you the right offset (If your version is not listed, then search with "hexdump -C boot-castle.bin | less" for the byte sequence "1f 8b" (the gzip format identifier)).

Version Offset
Pre webOS 1.0.3 through webOS 1.2.1 0x19D0 (thanks roxfan)
Pre webOS 1.3.1 0x19f0
6438a2f52ab18c0b71e9f95d4ad1980d  webosdoctorp100eww-wr-1.1.3/webOS/boot-castle.bin
6438a2f52ab18c0b71e9f95d4ad1980d  webosdoctorp100ewwbellmo-1.1.0/webOS/boot-castle.bin
6438a2f52ab18c0b71e9f95d4ad1980d  webosdoctorp100ewwbellmo-1.2.1/webOS/boot-castle.bin
6438a2f52ab18c0b71e9f95d4ad1980d  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.0.3/webOS/boot-castle.bin
6438a2f52ab18c0b71e9f95d4ad1980d  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.2.1/webOS/boot-castle.bin
8f709233691f043b42d36f25c5398cde  webosdoctorp100ewwbellmo-1.3.1/webOS/boot-castle.bin
8f709233691f043b42d36f25c5398cde  webosdoctorp100ewwsprint-1.3.1/webOS/boot-castle.bin
8f709233691f043b42d36f25c5398cde  webosdoctorp100ueu-wr-1.3.1/webOS/boot-castle.bin
02cfec1a9c7ae81316ac85c5c5979f9f  webosdoctorp200ewwsprint-
43647a5b1f746478d17584d7fd92c60c  webosdoctorp200ewwsprint-1.3.2/webOS/boot-pixie.bin

"real" bootloader (bootie)

Load Address: 0x82000000

This looks a _lot_ like iBoot from the iPhoneOS devices, but others say that this is based off u-boot, so I will assume that is true and that iBoot is also based off of it. It even seems to have some of the u-boot commands, such as "printenv", "run", "setenv", "getenv", etc. I am currently looking into how to communicate with it as you can with iBoot.