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Xecutah - Version: 0.9.0 (16 September 2011)



Xecutah allows you to start an X Windows System server in a webOS card, and run other X applications on that server. This app is available for all webOS devices and all webOS versions.

Key features

Related packages

  • XServer - Used to display X Windows applications on webOS
  • XTerm - Used to provide a Linux command-line interface on webOS.
  • Ubuntu Chroot - Provides chroot installation for Ubuntu OS
  • Debian Chroot - Provides chroot installation for Debian OS


Xecutah has been upgraded to release status, and is no longer considered beta. Experimental updates can be found in the testing feeds. This are considered beta versions and potentially unstable.

Installing Xecutah

  1. Open Preware
  2. Let Preware update the packages
  3. Type Xecutah (the letters will appear at the top in the header to indicate you are going to search.)
  4. Press Enter
  5. Open Xecutah package details by tapping on the Xecutah entry from the search
  6. Tap Install at the bottom of the screen



Xecutah Main.png
You can select which X-Windows application to execute from this screen.

Always start the XServer entry first before selecting your next selection.


Xecutah Pref.png
In the main section on the top bar on the left side is a menu that takes you to the preference screen. On the preference screen, you can select what type of theme for the Xecutah app to display in. The current options are Palm Default and Palm Dark.

Known bugs

  • No support for the ESC key yet


For those interested, the full Changelog can be found here. Listed below is the Changelog since the public release.

  • Public release


Xecutah is housed in the applications/Xecutah git repository at


Please be aware that org.webosinternals.xecutah is licensed under the GPLv2.

Code from Xecutah cannot be used by a closed source application. If you want to use them in a non-GPLv2 but otherwise open source application, please contact the authors.